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Landscape & Property Management Plans

Landscape & Property Management Plans and councils planning requirements.

As part of councils planning processes landholders are often required to develop landscape plans and/or property management plans to ensure that they comply with the councils planning requirements. The requirements of these plans often impose constraints and time frames on landowners for proposed works. Habitat Ecology undertakes consultation with clients to ascertain their needs as well as explaining the requirements of the council in the development of any plans. Concept plans are then developed and discussed before completion.

Property Management Plans guide landholders in the management and maintenance of their properties. The property planning process also assists landholders to identify the risks in managing their property and to develop strategies for minimising and managing the risks identified. Plans are developed in consultation with the clients requirements for the site as well as the site constraints.

Landscape Management Plans may be developed under council guidelines to assist in meeting their current policies, strategies and programs. This may be as a result of certain amenity or environmental requirements imposed by the council. Landscape plans need to take into consideration council requirements and client needs. This is undertaken through a consultative process with all parties.

Plans developed may be binding on clients as part of the councils planning process so works and plans need to be functional, practical and achievable in order not to place unnecessary constraints on clients that may lead to situations of non-compliance and potential breaches to planning agreements.