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Flora and Fauna Assessments

Flora and Fauna Assessments and Survey

During a development local councils or the Department of Environment Land Water & Planning (DELWP) may require that a fauna and/or flora survey be undertaken were there the development is likely to have an impact on the sites landscape (i.e. vegetation removal etc.). These surveys can determine if significant species are present or likely to be present.

Fauna surveys are conducted to obtain information about the terrestrial fauna present within the site and its immediate surrounds using a range of survey techniques. These techniques will vary from site to site but may include active searching, trapping, and use of binoculars, incidental evidence and trail cameras.

Flora surveys record the plant species present at a particular site using visual observations. These are categorised into overstorey, understorey and groundcover vegetation. These surveys assist in verifying the Ecological Vegetation Class (EVC) for the site, which can influence faunal species presence/absence.

Only suitably qualified and experienced individual with the appropriate permits and approvals should undertake Flora and Fauna Assessments