Habitat Ecology

Habitat Ecology is an environmental consultancy that has evolved after 40 years working in the natural resource management and horticultural fields. We are about providing independent environmental and ecological management advice to a range of clients.

Habitat Ecology can support development applications – through providing rigorous flora and fauna assessment of sites, negotiations with state and local government organisations, addressing environmental conditions of planning permits and inputs into development planning processes.

Our aim is to provide quality timely reports for our clients to help them meet their project commitments, whilst balancing a commitment to the sustainability of the environment, the community and our business.

Habitat Ecology News

  • Rail vs Road

    A recent article in The Age newspaper has costed the Doncaster rail line at around 840 million dollars (Doncaster railway could be built for $840M, The Age July 24 2012) “Doncaster Link” . The development of this line has been proposed, talked about, costed, put on the table, been an election issue and removed sinceRead the Rest...

  • The Carbon Tax – My Take On It

    It is very interesting that the Carbon Tax is creating so much debate at present. Is this because it is a new tax, that people don’t believe in climate change or is it that Julia Gillard said we wouldn’t have a Carbon Tax? (On the last issue isn’t funny how short our memories are becauseRead the Rest...

  • NSW Recreation Shooters To Gain Access To National Parks!

    The NSW Government is attempting to pass legislation that will enable recreational shooters access to National Parks for the supposed purpose of controlling feral animals. In exchange they will vote for the privatisation of the NSW Power Stations. (Which will only drive household bills up) Isn’t this a conflict of interest and what of theRead the Rest...

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