Koala Vulnerable Listing Status Exclusion in Vic & SA a Good Move

Having personally seen the devastation that the koala has wrought on the landscapes across Victoria and South Australia as a result of the large numbers inhabiting some areas of the state I would have to agree with the Federal Governments approach to the listing status. A large amount of time and money is spent on research and management of this species in Vic and SA and any inclusion I feel of the Koala being included as vulnerable in these two states would make management more difficult. If there are localised declines in populations then the translocation of individuals from areas of higher populations, which is currently being undertaken, would assist maintaining populations. But first assess why the decline. As with NSW and Qld, is this a result of fragmentation of the koala habitat? If so, address that issue first as it won’t help them if they have no home or sub-optimal habitat to live in. Also remember that on Kangaroo Island they were introduced between 1923 and 1925. From an original 18 individuals they were estimated to be 27000 in 2001.

Finally remember that the damage caused by overpopulation by a species whether native or exotic or even human has lasting and sometimes devastating effects on other species present within the that environment as well as the environment in general.

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